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Dana White Says Brock Lesnar/Fedor Emelianenko Bout Almost Happened
January 27, 2013 (19:45) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
After Brock went to WWE... More...
411 MMA Fact or Fiction 10.31.12: Brock Lesnar, Diaz vs. Koscheck, More
October 31, 2012 (06:15) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
Is Brock Lesnar really retired from MMA? Should UFC fighters be able to pursue other sports? Do fans want to see Nick Diaz vs. Josh Koscheck? 411's Todd Vote and Jonathan Solomon debate these topics and more in this week's Fact or Fiction: MMA! More...
Dana White: Brock Lesnar contemplated UFC return, 'but never coming back'
October 25, 2012 (18:00) [ Indexed from MMAjunkie ]
UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar had recently considered a return to the octagon. But, according to UFC President Dana White, that fleeting possibility is now a distant memory. White said he and Lesnar discussed a possible UFC return - and the fight executive even suggested they considered a bout with fellow retired heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko - but the former WWE star ultimately decided against it. More...
Dana White Says Brock Lesnar is Never Coming Back to The UFC
October 24, 2012 (20:45) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
Dana speaks More...
Dana White Again Says He Would Bring Brock Lesnar Back
October 05, 2012 (15:00) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
Dana White speaks More...
[VIDEO] Dana White Discusses Brock Lesnar Possibly Returning to The UFC
September 28, 2012 (14:45) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
Would he bring Brock back? More...
Despite obstacles overcome, Brock Lesnar's career not worthy of UFC Hall of Fame
September 09, 2012 (22:00) [ Indexed from MMAjunkie ]
It's gotten to the point where, as soon as I see Brock Lesnar's name in the same sentence as the words "Hall of Fame," I know I'm about to have a stupid argument that will only get me worked up over nothing. I know it, and yet I can't help myself. This time, it was the phrasing that got me. When I read that Paul Heyman said "of course" Lesnar was worthy of a spot the UFC Hall of Fame, I had to stop and read it again. More...
Paul Heyman Talks About Brock Lesnar as a Potential UFC Hall of Famer and Returning to MMA
September 09, 2012 (01:00) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
Heyman gives his thoughts on Lesnar's future with MMA and if it's possible... More...
Paul Heyman backs Brock Lesnar as UFC Hall of Famer, doubts return to octagon
September 08, 2012 (17:15) [ Indexed from MMAjunkie ]
Whether it's WWE or UFC, Paul Heyman believes Brock Lesnar is a hall of famer. Lesnar's four-year stint in MMA seemingly challenges the UFC Hall of Fame's undefined, intangible standards. It included three consecutive million pay-per-view buy rates with half of his eight career bouts having a UFC title at stake. Can a fighter be a hall of famer with fewer than 10 career outings? With a UFC record that's one loss short of the .500 mark? More...
Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brock Lesnar super fight? UFC boss weighs in
September 05, 2012 (15:00) [ Indexed from MMAjunkie ]
UFC President Dana White raised some eyebrows this past week when he gauged fan interest in a Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko super fight. Not surprisingly, fans voiced their approval. White, though, said it's far from likely, especially now that famed Russian heavyweight Emelianenko has retired from the sport. More...
Dana White's one Fedor Emelianenko regret? No UFC fight with Brock Lesnar
July 03, 2012 (18:30) [ Indexed from MMAjunkie ]
LAS VEGAS -UFC president Dana White has nothing bad to say about Fedor Emelianenko. Still. While the fighter's management team has drawn the scorn of White numerous times in recent years, he maintains he has no problem with the recently retired Emelianenko. Still, White regrets he could never get Emelianenko booked for a fight with a certain ex-champion under the UFC banner. More...
Dana White Mentions Meeting with Brock Lesnar After UFC 146
June 09, 2012 (17:45) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
The chances of Lesnar coming back to the UFC are not very good More...
After disastrous meeting, UFC's Dana White dim on Brock Lesnar's octagon return
June 09, 2012 (09:15) [ Indexed from MMAjunkie ]
SUNRISE, Fla. - Any optimism UFC president Dana White might've had for the return of Brock Lesnar is now gone after meeting with the former champ post-UFC 146. "The meeting did not go well," White told following UFC on FX 3. "Probably the worst meeting we've ever had with Brock Lesnar, and I haven't talked to him since." White declined to elaborate on exactly what happened. More...
Roy Nelson Wants To Fight Brock Lesnar If He Returns To The UFC
May 31, 2012 (20:55) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
Big Country speaks More...
Brock Lesnar to make UFC return?
May 28, 2012 (23:10) [ Indexed from MMA HQ ]
It seemed only fitting that, on a night dedicated to the UFC’s burgeoning heavyweight ranks, the biggest draw that heavyweight mixed martial arts has ever produced was watching from cage side. Brock Lesnar’s short but eventful UFC career only spanned a little under three years but the Minnesota powerhouse was able to capturethe heavyweight title [...] More...
The Latest on Brock Lesnars Meeting With Dana White
May 28, 2012 (16:35) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
How did the meeting go? More...
The Ultimate Writer MMA News Report 05.28.12: UFC 146 Results, Top 5 Potential Opponents For Brock Lesnar, TUF Live Finale Preview, More
May 28, 2012 (07:35) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
411's Dustin James returns with a look at the top 5 opponents for Brock Lesnar's potential UFC return, thoughts on the results from UFC 146, a preview of this Friday's The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale and more! More...
[VIDEO] Dana White Discusses Brock Lesnar's UFC 146 Appearance
May 27, 2012 (19:30) [ Indexed from 411 Mania ]
He says Brock could conceivably come back More...

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